5 of the Best Ways for a Small Business to Stay in Front of Clients

When you are a do-it-all small business owner it can be particularly difficult to make sure you are touching base with your current and potential clients as much as you feel that you should. Staying relevant and in front of your audience on a consistent basis is more important than ever. At Windsor, we have adopted several ways to, not only stay in touch with our leads and clients, but to educate the consumer on the services we offer.


Use Social Media to Stay in Front of Your Clients

Through social media, we are able to reach a vast audience all at one time. We find it to be very beneficial to invite and encourage our community to engage with us on social media.  Platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be very effective ways for us to keep the market informed of our services. Keep in mind that it is important to determine which social media venue is most effective in reaching the audience that suits your market. Snapchat and LinkedIn are both very effective social media tools that play to two totally different audiences. You must pick what is best for your business.


Social media should be social. Don’t just talk at your followers, but speak to them and ask them to respond. Starting a conversation around an upcoming event in the community is just as important in touting your business’ services. Integrate articles, events, and imagery that your community wants to see while sprinkling in posts about your business, your clients and the services that you offer. Create a story and community around your business to keep them coming back for more.


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Incorporate Email Marketing into Your Business Communications

Finding the right email manager is an invaluable stay relevant to your clients. Services like MailChimp and Constant Contact assist you in managing your contact list, email design and campaign goals. Checking in with your client base via email is imperative. Larger companies know who your clients are and they will find them. If you are there too, as someone they already trust, you already have a leg up on the competition.


Use personalization features to make a bulk email feel like it was written just for them. Share company news, new product or service launches, and something fun to keep your contacts engaged. Exclusive offers to those on your email list will go a long way to growing your list and making those already on it feel like VIPs. You can even identify who is the most interested in what you have to say with link tracking in order to pay very special attention with even more personalized messaging to that segment of people down the road.  Not only is using email marketing a great way to keep your existing clients informed, but it is also very effective in staying in touch with potential clients.


Send a Card to Your Most Supportive Clients

Snail mail is not dead. Don’t think in terms of mass mailers, it is evident when a mass marketing mail piece hits the mailbox. One of the best ways to demonstrate the personal touch that clients at Windsor have grown accustomed to is by writing personal thank you cards. A nice message and a hand-written signature are a rarity and will be certain to capture the recipient’s attention. Letting someone know you took a moment to think of them makes them feel that they are special to you and that connection is something that no pre-printed mailer can ever compete with.  Think small, you don’t have to send to your entire database, but your longest standing clients and/or best referrers will do. This will create your core community and these are the people you should value the most.


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Get on the Phone with Your Clients

Due to the inundation of email, social media, and other forms of messaging that all business people face every day, you may not hear back from clients via these sources. A personal check in with your core community will surprise and delight those you call.  Having a rapport with your clients is something that will solidify you as someone they can trust and turn to for their needs. Very few of us take the time to make phone calls in our every day business lives unless actively pursuing a sale.  Reaching out when you’re not looking for anything from someone motivates them in a different way and it is something they will talk about.


Combine Communication Elements for Maximum Effectiveness

Create a client communication plan with all of these elements to create the strongest impact.  Using only one or two of these suggestions on a regular basis is okay and will help, but combining all of them and creating a timeline for their implementation and ongoing use will make all the difference for a small business.  A series of well-planned touches can create a core client base who will become strong advocates for your business.


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